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Necessary Academics for Next-level Achievement N.A.N.A. SCHOOL 

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PreK - 3rd N.A.N.A. School

For the at-home mom with children in grades K-12, who is looking for a safe and flexible but high quality way to educate your children, our N.AN.A. School program is an online homeschooling program that provides an excellent parent-friendly curriculum with continuous guidance and 1:1 support from experienced educators that empowers parents to take control of the education process, unlike any in-school or virtual process available today.



In our NANA (Necessary Academics for Next-level Achievement) School program, the educational focus is PreK - 3rd-grade small-group instruction and parental partnership for the learning process. This program includes: 

  • innovative instruction, both digital and non-digital, that encourages the use of their computer skills, motor skills, and the imagination.

  •  class sizes limited to a maximum of four students. 

  • content in arts and crafts, literacy, math, science, and social-emotional learning 

  • independent learning is encouraged through homework assignments and family activities.

  • credit for physical education through family-led physical activities, including exercising, biking, hiking, playground/park playtime, swimming, and more.

  • classes online three to four days each week from August through early June.  

  • Student Academic Success (SAS) celebration occurs in early June.  Parents are empowered and supported to ensure successful academic achievement. 





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3rd-Grade Package

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