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As your digital landscape partner, we provide step-by-step guidance and enrichment in one-on-one or small-group (4 max) sessions.  

Online 1 - 12 Tutoring

We offer virtual K-12 student learning experiences with individual/small group, grade-level, and subject-based tutoring. All course content is framed to develop three key transferrable skills – communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.  


Parental engagement in a child’s education process is the best predictor of his/her academic achievement (, 2018). Our role and success as education facilitators hinge on the collaborative connection with the parents of the students we serve. We believe parent partnerships with our team members are a must and guarantee a successful outcome for everyone involved.

Student Expectations
For a positive experience and increased academic achievement, students are expected to commit to

  • Attend all scheduled session

  •  Actively take part in all activities and assessments

  • Describe content issues to be addressed with tutoring  

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