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More About US

As your digital landscape partner, we provide step-by-step guidance and coaching through detailed easy to navigate courses, tutoring, and our online homeschool program.

Education For Sustainable Success

The key skills integrated throughout all of our services are communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and leadership. 

NANA School

In our NANA (Necessary Academics for Next-level Achievement) School program, the educational focus is PreK - 2nd-grade small-group instruction and parental partnership for the homeschool learning process.


We offer online tutoring for K - 8th-grade students in Language Arts, Math, Science, and high school Biology and Chemistry. 


 Our full online courses, Young Entrepreneurs 101 and Workforce Readiness, will guide you to the success of your dreams and empower you to develop the career skills needed to compete in the global workforce. 

Mini Courses

Mini-courses are available in both full-course areas. Currently offered are Business Success Mindset and Professionalism & Work Ethic.

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