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Forum Code of Conduct

Read our Code of Conduct here.

The rules contained in this Code of Conduct are not meant to replace applicable rules of law. Members and participants in this forum must respect applicable rules of law as well as local customs and traditions. Where the rules contained in this Code of Conduct are inconsistent with applicable rules of law, all members and participants should comply with the applicable rules of law.


This forum is committed to supporting diversity on this website. Diversity entails acceptance and respect of individual differences. These can be along the lines of parental status, gender, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical abilities, age, socio-economic status, political beliefs or other ideologies. 


Professional behavior and appropriate conduct are required at all times. 


This forum does not tolerate sexual and other forms of harassment. 

Some Examples of Harassment:
– Inappropriate behavior aimed at degrading or
debasing a person
– Conduct that creates an intimidating, offensive or
Hostile online environment
– Discrimination, disrespectful behavior or racist
– Comments of a sexual nature, sexual innuendos,
–Bullying, intimidating or threatening communication within 
this online platform



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