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All Things Common Foundation

All Things Common Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization with goals of increasing access to quality education/training for our youth, offering workforce/small business development and providing disaster relief. We accomplish our mission with solid team effort and sponsorship with organizations making great strides in our service areas of focus.

Volunteers Collecting Trash on Beach

Community Development

All Things Common Foundation is a public charity addressing community needs and concerns, and its mission is to provide community development activities in low-income cities of Cook County Illinois and Lake County Indiana. Specific charitable activities, conducted to strengthen struggling communities, are focused on the areas of Education/Training, Workforce and Small Business Development, and Employment. These community engagement programs/activities occur annually, bi-annually, and quarterly, depending on the above-stated area of focus and are of no charge to community participants living in the region. Foundation activities are conducted by employees, consultants, members, and other volunteers.

Forest Fire

Disaster Relief

In addition, this foundation will provide grants to tax-exempt organizations (such as nonprofits, public charities, and universities) for 1.) disaster relief efforts to the region, including but not limited to the provision of food, clothing, temporary shelter, and water; and 2.) research, development, and implementation of evidence-based programs and practices that could economically transform and strengthen struggling communities in the above-stated regions. 

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