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Workforce Readiness

The Workforce Readiness Course prepares individuals, ages 16 years and older, to assimilate into the present-day workforce and be able to compete in a global job market. This program will empower participants to develop career skills needed to search, apply, and interview for current  U.S. workforce jobs.

Modules include (32 lessons): 

  • Professionalism & Work Ethics

  • Personal Financial Literacy

  • Communication & Dialogue    

  • Interviewing & Resume writing

  • Workplace Social & Cultural Awareness

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Young Entrepreneurs 101

How long will you continue to work hard to make others wealthy? Why give your precious gifts to others to enjoy while you live in lack? Take a risk on yourself and start, operate, and grow your own business. This course is your guide to success. The time is now for you to mine your own acres of diamonds.  

Modules include (38 lessons):

  • Business Mindset 

  • Financial Literacy

  • Multiple Channels of Income

  • Protecting & Marketing Your Brand

  • Basic Business Registration

  • Webinar  and Side Bars

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Success - One Step At A Time

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Business Success Mindset

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Professionalism & Work Ethic